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No more deposits, no more KYC applications

Introducing Dextroid, the next-generation exchange that enables secure, low cost trading, directly on the blockchain.

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Features & Benefits

Simple, highly-secure trading platform, with a range of functionality
that makes trading any ERC20 token a breeze.

No Deposits or Withdrawals

Trades executed directly between buyer and seller eliminates the need to deposit funds into Dextroid .

Unparalleled Simplicity

Elegant, intuitive-user interfaces makes using Dextroid a walk in the park.

Trade any ERC20 Token

With Dextroid Private Orders (OTC) you can create and share orders for any Ethereum based token.

Low Fee Structure

Our extremely low fee structure makes
choosing Dextroid a no-brainer.

Highly Secure

Trading directly on the blockchain means funds stay safely in your wallet until orders execute.

Dedicated Support

At Dextroid we put customers first and work hard to deliver rapid, responsive customer service.

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